Adult 50Pk Pm2.5 Activated Carbon  Face Mask Filters
Adult 50Pk Pm2.5 Activated Carbon  Face Mask Filters
Adult 50Pk Pm2.5 Activated Carbon  Face Mask Filters
Adult 50Pk Pm2.5 Activated Carbon  Face Mask Filters
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Adult 50Pk Pm2.5 Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters

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The PM2.5 replaceable face mask filter cleans finer dust and particles from the air we
breathe. The PM2.5 face mask filter is composed of 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 2
layers of melt blown cloth and 1 layer of activated carbon cloth. The replacement air
filter contains activated carbon, which can effectively prevent haze, car exhaust, pollen,
and pollution from getting through to let you breathe fresh air.

  Multi-layer Protection: This Mask Filter is crafted with five layers of support
  that contains activated carbon and non-woven fabric. It helps block pollen,
  dust, pollution, keeping you safe and healthy.
• PM 2.5, ideal to protect your mouth and face from Dust, Haze, Smoke,
  Pollution, Ash, Pollen, Gardening, Crafts.
• Adults Filters measure approx. 12cmx x 8 in cm and is compatible with the
  reusable cotton masks
• Replace in mask every 3-5 days, or as needed
• Made in China
• Certified by CTI - Centre Testing International

SUPERIOR '5' LAYER PROTECTION: It comes with '5' layers as shown in the image.
PM2.5 name comes from these filters' original use as protection against Particulate
Matter 2.5, the smallest and most dangerous form of air pollution. Airborne virions like the Coronavirus are even smaller than PM2.5 (the Coronavirus's lipid envelope is about 120 nanometers across). However, research has shown the material to capture
nanoparticles of a similar size with a high degree of efficiency (approx. 95%), and lab
tests show a PM2.5 filter with a properly-fitted cloth mask can reduce airborne
particulates by as much as 90%.

PROTECTION WITH LESS STRAIN: The PM2.5 filter provides less strain on your
heart. PM2.5 filters offer a high degree of protection, with significantly less inhalation
resistance than a sealed n95/kn95 respirator. In laboratory testing, cotton masks +
PM2.5 filters restricted inhalation by no more than 71 Pa, or less than 25% the max
inhalation resistance of a NIOSH-certified N95 respirator (343 Pa).

PRACTICAL PROTECTION FOR WEEKS: Disposable PM2.5 filters are flat. and when
used with our reusable face mask they take up less space than standard respirators.
They never lose effectiveness, and you can use them continuously for 16-24 hours,
around 1 - 2 weeks of occasional use (or whenever it becomes harder to draw a

ATTENTION: Remember, no mask is 100% effective at protecting from viral
transmission. The most effective thing you can do to stay healthy is wash your hands
and practice appropriate social distancing.

MULTIPURPOSE: Great for Outdoor Activities such as cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, running, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, scooting etc.