The ABC’s of PM 2.5 filters that you must know

The ABC’s of PM 2.5 filters that you must know

The ABC’s of PM 2.5 filters that you must know

Face masks, sanitisers, vaccines and boosters have become common words in our daily life. Something new seems to come along almost weekly now as we are all trying to get on with daily life living with the new ‘normal’. A PM2.5 filter is one of them.

 A PM2.5 is a disposable insert that fits inside your reusable masks that can increase the effectiveness of mask filtration. A PM2.5 filter can protect you better than no filter against the smallest particles. A certified pm2.5 filter can block the majority of airborne particulates, including fine aerosols. A pm2.5 filter and mask are one of the most protective options that are available for our everyday use.

Why? Let us explain the reasons to you so you’ll know why the PM2.5 filter has become the favourite choice for so many consumers…

How does a PM 2.5 filter work?

A PM2.5 filter works by creating an electrostatic barrier. Yes, it can capture the microscopic particles that usual mask fabrics like cotton and polyester cannot. The melt-blown material provides superior sub-micron filtration compared to other cloth masks.

 Properties of a PM2.5 filter

1) Static attraction

A certified PM2.5 filter comes with two layers of non-woven fibres. This "melt-blown" material attracts microscopic particles via electrostatic attraction. Yes, you will find that same technology in N95 masks. In other words, PM2.5 filters use "static cling" to seize particles capable of carrying virions and bacteria.

 2) Efficient filtration

For effective use PM2.5 filters need be used inside a fitted fabric mask. This system is laboratory-tested. It can block airborne particles, including up to 90% of particulates.

Being able to block tiny particles is considered the most crucial factor in using PM2.5 filters in your daily life. It can effectively reduce the transmission of airborne viruses when physical distancing is impossible.

 3) Proven standard

The Asian market have utilised these filters for more than 15 years. To make sure US masks and filters meet the same high standards

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